Kid Classes

At Evolution Martial Arts Studios, we have classes specifically geared toward children and their unique learning needs.

Benefits of the Martial Arts

Martial Arts can and will have a positive impact on your child.  We say this with confidence because we have experienced it personally and have seen this change over and over again in our students.  There are many benefits from participating in the martial arts.  Some of them are listed below:

Physical Benefits

Because our program combines martial techniques with cardio fitness the following physical benefits can been seen.

  1. Better coordination and increased flexibility:  These are keys to success in any sport and by continually practicing our techniques and stretching in every class you will see your child gain considerably in both areas.
  2. Increased cardio vascular health:  Every class we hold has a cardio segment.  Whether it’s kicking, punching or running through forms, we make sure to get the body moving and blood flowing.  This helps our students maintain a healthy weight, while gaining strength and stamina.

Mental Benefits

In our program, each student is given goals to achieve at each rank and a timeline in which to reach these goals.  More importantly, we give the support and guidance needed to reach those goals.  Through this process, many mental benefits can be seen.

  1. Build self-confidence and self-esteem:  It’s no mystery that bullies like easy targets and having good esteem and self-confidence is a natural bully repellant.  Our school builds both by providing a positive atmosphere where your child can learn and grow as a martial artist.  As they gain in skill and ability, they will look back and feel pride in their accomplishments and will gain confidence that will allow them to handle themselves in any situation.
  2. Gain focus and discipline:  It takes a lot of focus to listen in class and learn new techniques.  It also requires a lot of discipline to keep practicing those techniques, even when you’re not in class.  These qualities flow over into other aspects of our student’s life.  We often hear from our parents that their child is doing better in school because they are more disciplined when it comes to doing the necessary work and better able to focus during their classes.

Good Moral Conduct

Honor, respect, perseverance and integrity, these are some of the many key virtues we teach here Evolution Martial Arts Studios.  We use our mat chats at the end of each session to discuss these concepts and to make sure your child has an understanding of them.  We also talk about what it means to have these virtues and how they apply both in and outside of the school.


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